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Core Principles

Partnerships for Sustainable Community Development is built on six core principles that comprise the sustainable, collaborative model of community development.

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Ensure Sustainability

Increase community strengths, enhance community resiliency, and promote community empowerment while maintaining economic well-being, environmental health, and social equity. 

Commit to an Integrative Approach

Remove the barriers that separate research, education and development to create a dynamic and synergistic relationship. 

Engage in Interdisciplinary Research

Draw on a range of disciplines and perspectives to address the interrelated and complex nature of challenges faced by communities in the developing world. 

Promote Participation

Unite the knowledge, skills and experiences of villagers, local government officials, researchers, and development professionals to expand understanding, enhance responsiveness and improve practice. 

Adaptive Learning

Focus on a process that continually improves the research, education and development activities and involves villagers, scholars, development professionals, and local government. 

Establish Long-Term Commitments

Create relationships based on mutual trust that welcome research and innovation while at the same time are responsive to new challenges.