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Our Model

Partnerships for Sustainable Community Development (PSCD) is working to create of new forms of partnerships that recognize the power of working together over the long term to define problems, respond to opportunities, set priorities and create solutions.

Naitolia_participatory planning.JPGThis way of working unites knowledge from political and social units of differing levels and scales and incorporates intellectual and technical expertise from diverse and complementary sources. PSCD recognizes the need for this approach as it acknowledges uncertainty, expects surprises and plans for the unpredictable. Within PSCD policies are treated as assumptions rather than inherited rules and interventions are treated as experiments rather than proven prescriptions.

MSU's network and partners, especially the members of two villages in Tanzania, Naitolia and Milola, are advancing the frontiers of knowledge globally and at home. The program is a keen example for moving forward an ideal to change the world, transform local communities and improve the lives of individuals.