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In Tanzania, the Partnerships for Sustainable Development has initiated work in six interrelated and strategic priorities with both development and research dimensions.


Naitolia_participatory planning.JPGCommunity Empowerment

Community empowerment focuses on enhancing the capacity of village committees and groups, which are charged with various aspects of community governance and development efforts. 


The education priority focuses on improving access to and the quality of education, student learning, teacher professional development, and the educational context in which students learn.

eye exam.jpgHuman Health

The human health priority focuses on improving health care, nutrition, and reproductive health, as well as providing education on the importance of safe water, sanitation, and hygiene.

John - animal health.jpgAnimal Health

The animal health priority focuses on improving productivity of livestock, reducing zoonotic and other livestock diseases, and improving access to veterinary services.

traditional women water.jpgWater Access and Quality

The water access and quality priority focuses on improving access to and the quality of water for communities and enhancing community water system management capacities through training and community education.

child eating.jpgFood Security, Agriculture, and Economic Development

The food security, agriculture, and economic development priority ocuses on improving household-level food security, agricultural production, and income.