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Researchers have created and carried out several needs assessments, baselines, and evaluations in Milola and Naitolia as part of the Tanzanian Partnership Program. 

Understand needs, document the current situation, then evaluate the outcomes and impacts of TPP activities.

  • Needs Assessment of Women’s Reproductive Health Challenges by Patricia Peek DNP, PNP-BC, associate professor, College of Nursing Michigan State University (2016).
  • Field-based Evaluation Community Animal Health Workers (CAHWs) Training and Animal Health Services by Eva Kassara, graduate student in Department of Community Sustainability, Michigan State University (2013).
  • Baseline study done by MSU College of Veterinary Medicine and Sokoine University of Agriculture on livestock diseases and shared results on tick-borne diseases with villagers in Naitolia (2010).
  • Water Supply Services in Naitolia Village, Makuyuni Ward, Monduli District: A Feasibility Study by James Ngana, Institute of Resource Assessment, University of Dar es Salaam (2009).